Sunday, January 25, 2009

雍正王朝 4

After 13 days, I have finally finished watching 雍正王朝 for the 4th time. I don't know if there was any improvement this time through. But that doesn't mean there wasn't. It's easy to notice an improvement when you go from 1% understanding to 2% understanding because you've doubled your comprehension. Then with the more you know, a one percent improvement isn't going to be noticeable. Plus, it's hard to feel an improvement when that other drama I watch is so much easier to understand.

Perhaps I'll watch a movie in Chinese before I start watching the other drama. I still need to place an order for a new drama.

I've added a display of the number of hours I have put into the TV method. It is visible on the right side of the blog page. Looking at it now, you can see I've put in 223 hours. I can only imagine what a big difference another 200 hours will make. And another 200 after that. The number of hours I have now seems so small. It's like I haven't even done anything yet.


  1. I was trying to keep a log of my listening hours, but it's kind of difficult to keep updating it.

  2. I'm curious, how much do you understand? How much do you pick up so far? Can you follow along with the stories and relationships at all?

  3. So far about three-fourths of my viewing has been between just 2 dramas. Between those 2, there is quite a difference because the storylines are different. For the one this post refers to, I feel I may be able to understand less than 5 percent of the spoken word. For the other one, I understand more than 5 percent. Maybe total understanding is much more, but when I talk about understanding, I refer to the amount of spoken dialog that I think I am able to comprehend. As for the stories themselves, I know quite well what is going on. It is easy to understand the relationships between the main characters. The first time may not be so clear, but the second time watching you can follow much better because you have knowledge that you didn't posses before. I imagine that watching a dubbed movie that you are already familiar with would be almost too easy. But I think TV series rather than movies are best because you get a lot more chances to see the characters interact.


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