Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pepsi and the flag of South Korea

It may not be official, but Pepsi is a product (of | in) Korea. (Circle the correct answer.)

Just look what happens when you combine the Pepsi logo with...

the flag of the Republic of Korea...

You get this!

Thanks to Hyunwoo Sun for pointing out the resemblence. And may these hotlinked images always appear in this post for future generations.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Koreans learning Japanese

I had a video conversation with Hyunwoo Sun. I asked him about this podcast series on Language Cast that is for Koreans who are learning Japanese. It was very interesting.

brain research and language learning

Can we trust what the brain researchers say about language learning? Steve Kaufmann noted there was some contradiction in the research conclusions. So I decided to create a little video in response.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

natural language learning

I decided to talk about my preferred learning style for languages. I spent 5 hours on this 17 minute video. I had to edit out all the pauses. In the first part, I mostly talked about ALG and Dr. Brown's background teaching Thai.

This is not a prepared presentation, so there are some parts that I should have expanded on and there are some parts I should have clarified better.  Also, I did not conclude the video properly.  I decided to stop talking when I realized I had used almost 3 GB on my hard drive while recording.

My speech goes rather slowly, so I hope you don't fall asleep. It's probably good for those learning English. I created a playlist for the two parts so the second part could start right after the first and be viewed in the same player.

I hope you enjoy the talk.

Link to the playlist.