Sunday, February 18, 2007

JLPT results

Here are the results of my JLPT tests. The test is held once a year and always on the first Sunday in December. So the last test was in December 2006. The results always come out in February. This time was my first time to pass. I have only taken the Level 2 tests. I have not taken Level 3 or 4 which are lower than Level 2. The test has 3 big sections, so the total score is the sum of the scores of 3 sections. The Vocabulary and the Listening sections have a maximum of 100 points each. The Reading/Grammar section has a maximum of 200 points. A total of 240 points is needed to pass Level 2.

79 Vocabulary
85 Listening
143 Reading/Grammar
307 Total

79 Vocabulary
67 Listening
81 Reading/Grammar
227 Total

43 Vocabulary
41 Listening
71 Reading/Grammar
155 Total