Friday, September 24, 2010

why learn languages?

A while back, I received the following email from J.

Hi Keith,

I have a multilingual/polyglot question for you, one that's been on my mind lately. Perhaps you can lend me some insight.

We both share the same uncontrollable urge to learn languages, but the question is: Why? For what larger purpose? That's the existential question I'm struggling with. I'm curious to know, what are you going to do with the languages you learn?

Thanks for any insight you're able to offer.


I have some time now to answer J's question.

less pain for language learning gain

Have any of you seen this article?
Less pain for learning gain: Research offers a strategy to increase learning with less effort

This is a pretty good research study because they had 4 different groups, which means they covered several variables to see how the results differ. The study measured the ability of the participants to distinguish between the pitches of different tones.

The Activities

There were 2 different types of activity used. The first type was to listen to a 1,000 Hertz tone and a slightly lower tone. Let's call that 'Activity A'. The second activity type was to listen to the 1,000 Hertz tone repeatedly. We'll call that 'Activity B'.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sri Lanka Festival 2010

The Sri Lanka Festival 2010 was held this weekend, Sept 11th and 12th. I went on the 11th and here are a few pictures from the event which is held at Yoyogi.

The Sri Lanka Festival 2010 banner above the stage.