Sunday, May 27, 2007



じゃあ、続きましょう。会社について、秘密の資料がありますね。あ、ちょっと待って。許可をもらっていない人がまだ読んでいます。その人は記事の最初の文 章をもう一度読みなさい。これは関係者だけが読めます。秘密ってわかりますか。秘密は内緒ということなんです。だから、秘密を読まないでね。ほかのところ を読んで構いませんけれども、この記事の中の秘密を見たら、目を外してくださいますようにお願い致します。じゃ、それが明確に言ったから、今後は問題ない でしょう。問題じゃなければ、続きましょう。


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why I am studying Chinese

Here are some reasons why I finally restarted learning Chinese even though I am not yet fluent in Japanese.

I started last year, after passing the 3 year mark in Japan. I felt that I still had a ways to go in Japanese, and since I will be here forever, I have plenty of time to get there. And when I do get there, it won't be any astonishing feat. If I could have learned Japanese in less than 3 years, then that would have been great. But since it's going to take me 10 years, I might as well get started on something else.

I didn't know any good materials or methods for learning Japanese. All I can find are some textbooks. So I could see the end was nowhere in sight. I felt I might as well move on because Chinese is going to take a lot of time too.

I found a good learning Chinese podcast. And then there was FSI Chinese online. So I thought I could get started with some free materials.

Actually, I had planned to do Korean before Chinese. But since all the Chinese materials appeared, I just launched into Chinese.

I bought Assimil Chinese with Ease and started on it in December (2006) after the JLPT. I have now worked with my Assimil course for 157 hours. I cut the spaces and pauses out of the audio and I just listen to the dialogue. My objective is to listen to every dialogue 1,000 times. I estimate about 500 more hours to do that. I am currently through lesson 64.

I guess I'm in no rush. It's not like I'm going to China or anything. So I'm going to overlearn the Assimil lessons and use that as my foundation to build upon. By the time the Chinese language really does become globally important, I'll be one of the people who can understand it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Japanese Books

Today I have received two books. I received them because I ordered them from Amazon Japan.

It will take me some time to read these two books because, as you can see, they are both in Japanese. Also because most of my time is taken up already.