Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sri Lanka Festival 2008

I went to the Sri Lanka Festival today in Tokyo at Yoyogi. It was very exciting with lots of traditional dances performed for us and there was good food too.


  1. Can you post more details/stories? I actually have a big interest in Sri Lanka (well, Theravada Buddhism, which extends to Sri Lanka).

  2. Thomas, thank you for your comment. There were also many booths with organizations and companies. Ceylon tea seems to be a big thing. There were also Theravada Buddhists there as well with their own booth. One booth had an interesting drink that you drink straight out of the fruit (similar to a coconut), but it was too expensive; 1000 yen! My friend says that fruit only costs 1 yen in Sri Lanka. There was a booth selling Sri Lankan beer, called Lion. Also, one performance was not Sri Lankan, but Japanese swordsmanship (aiido?) And I found out that Sri Lanka is the Paradise Island!


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