Saturday, September 27, 2008

Polyglots online

A person who can speak many languages is called a polyglot. Polyglots are everywhere! No they're not. Your next-door neighbor is probably a polyglot! Highly unlikely. It's easy to become a polyglot! Yeah right. It takes many years of dedication and determination.

I know of only 3 polyglots online. They are:
All three have English as a native language.

The professor is the most erudite of the three. He is fully capable in German, French, and Spanish. He is able to speak at least 7 more languages with Korean being the best of those other 7. He lived in Korea for 8 or 9 years. Then he moved to Lebanon for two years until bombs started falling. He also has knowledge of dozens of more languages and a huge library of learning materials for all of those languages. His YouTube channel is ProfASAr.

Stuart is an extraordinary polyglot and has made using languages his business. He is a consultant to large corporations and bridges language and cultural barriers for them. He has been living in Thailand for probably 10 years and is super fluent in Thai, a tonal language. He can speak 10 to 15 languages. His YouTube channel is stujaystujay.

Steve is the eldest of the three. He is a former Canadian diplomat turned wood/lumber exporter. He has used languages to bolster his wood business and now has created an online language-learning website. His website, LingQ, is quite useful and I, a member, certainly do recommend it. Steve can speak 10 languages including Chinese and Japanese. His Youtube channel is lingosteve.

If you know of any other polyglots with an online presence, won't you please let me know?


  1. The Italian guy Luca has been mentioned on HTLAL, check him out at poliglotta80.

  2. How about Wendy Vu? She would be the youngest ... at least for now.

  3. Great Blog Keith. I'll make sure I keep updated with your postings.

    Thanks for swinging by.

  4. Check 'verbal boxing' in a Google search to get to Moses McCormick's blog


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