Wednesday, January 20, 2010

perfect pronunciation in Japanese

I just found this video on YouTube of a Chinese-speaker introducing herself in Japanese. She says she started learning Japanese in Jr. High and she has lived in Japan for over 12 years.


  1. I think this lady's Japanese is pretty amazing! Her grammar and pronunciation is flawless. Maybe it's too flawless to the point of being a bit unnatural, which makes me think that she is probably not a native speaker of Japanese.

    As you know pretty well already, we as native speakers are generally much more sloppy with our language when it comes to grammar or enunciation.

  2. Thank you for the confirmation, Uncle Polyglot!

    For those who don't know Uncle Polyglot, he is Japanese and a real polyglot.

  3. Yes, really, I have to speak more clearly like this lady. Je dois parler ma langue maternelle comme elle. C'est ce que je dois faire...


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