Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year

Well, it's a new year, so happy new year! And it's a new decade, so happy new decade! Let's take a look at what the future holds for this language extremist.

I'm starting the year off with over 750 TV method hours under my belt. Those are hours watching Chinese TV dramas. I shall continue this method for the entire year at a rate of about 3 hours per day. When possible, I try to squeeze in an extra hour. My target is to reach 2,000 hours. I probably won't make that by the end of the year, but then again, it is possible. I will begin speaking Chinese when I feel I am ready. Whether that actually happens before the 2,000 hour mark or after, I don't know...

As for Japanese, I will be taking a few Japanese tests. One of which are the Kanji tests. I will try to pass 3 levels this year; 7, 6 and 5.  I'm also going to take the J.Test and the JLPT, possibly in the summer. I might even take some other Japanese tests, but let me think about it for a while. I may also try to get an IT certification, and that test I might also take in Japanese.

And then there is also Japanese Sign Language (JSL), which I am still working on. I don't go to the JSL Volunteers Circle meetings much any more, but I did make it once in December. I met a new member that time and he has been learning on his own for about 2 years. He seems able to converse pretty well. I started a year and a half ago, and I'm still working on the basics. There has been a lot of time that has passed without me working on it at all. But since December, I've got it on my list of things to do every day, but it's optional.

I'm going to make some more videos soon.  My last video has received a rating of 2.5 stars which shows just how little some viewers are able to objectively watch something. All I did in that video was to explain what it means to learn something without a translation and how it can happen. I didn't say you have to learn that way or that I believe it is the best way to learn. But then, the first viewer to rate it gave it 1 star.  And the first comment on YouTube (I think by the same person) says he doesn't think "natural learning" is something that should be done at all.

Whether you should go all natural or not, is a viewpoint that I will wait to make until much later. First I want to "finish" learning Chinese and then start on another language from scratch using the TV method. I plan to write a new post on what the TV method is, and another post on the reasons why I am using this method.

So, a couple of videos and a couple of posts this year. That's all I'll have time for.  I am still looking for employment too.

Good luck and best wishes in the new year!


  1. Hi Keith, Happy New Year! Belated, I know...

    What language will you be starting from scratch? Have you decided yet? It would be fabulous if you would take on Thai. Then, if you could make it, you could attend AUA.

  2. Hi Catherine. I haven't decided what language will be next. I'm saving Thai until I can attend ALG World. So that will be more than 10 years later. Anyway, it will be more than a year until I start another language.


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