Monday, June 22, 2009

an interview with Charith in English

I got the captioning done today for the interview with Charith in English and uploaded it to YouTube. This video is 8 minutes long.

For those who've somehow landed on this page and don't know who Charith is I will give you a simple explanation. Charith is from Sri Lanka and he is fluent in Japanese. I've posted 2 other videos of him speaking Japanese already. So if you are looking for examples of foreigners who are fluent in Japanese, Charith is one such example.

Yes, it is my desire to bring hope and encouragement to those who are studying Japanese or any language. You too can become fluent in Japanese! You can become fluent in English or Chinese too. You can become fluent in whatever language you want and however many languages you want to be fluent in.

And when I say "fluent," I have high standards. So if you needn't worry that Charith might not be as good at Japanese as I say he is. You can see for yourself. Just go to my youtube channel and search for Charith.

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  1. So about 360 hours of Japanese TV after 1.5 years of studying? I would think that something more like 2,000 hours of Japanese TV over thr course of two years with reading mixed in would prove better results. But, I don't really know for sure since I'm not fluent at Japanese, but that AJATT guy basically watched, listened, and read Japanese and used an SRS to remember things he thought were interesting, as well as learning the Kanji before hand, and in 1.5 years he's really quite fluent.


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