Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another TV methodist

There is a new entry into the world of the TV method! His name is David and he is going to learn Japanese by watching TV. He emailed me and asked me some questions regarding the TV method and we exchanged a few messages. From his email I can see that he understands the principles of Automatic Language Growth and he knows what to expect.

You can read David's story at Sushi and Sumo. I think we'll be getting some exciting reports from him soon. He's currently at 3 hours with the TV method.

I'd wish him good luck, but luck isn't needed with Automatic Language Growth. He just needs to watch TV. Well, maybe he needs luck finding good dramas to watch.

Good Luck, David!


  1. Thanks Keith. I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date. I'm thinking on a weekly basis as to not be a redundant author who doesn't make any choices about what to include in their writing.

    I have a favorite Japanese actress already, so I'm likely to start with the series which she's acted in (which is a lot!) Nakama Yukie for anyone interested. Plus, I have a few recommendations that I've gotten before. So I at least have a start.

    Thanks for the introducion. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Don't worry Keith, I'll join you guys soon enough with Spanish (writing a post about it right now). As I'm already at an advanced level of Spanish, I want to see the effect on people like me (that already have a high level in a language). I'm 100% sure it works for beginners, but I want to see if the effect is the same beyond that beginners stage.

  3. I promised I'd follow you with the TV Method, and I did ;-). Here's the link to the introduction post:


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