Wednesday, April 01, 2009

ALG Thai

ALG World has uploaded a 3-part video from an advanced class. In the title it says 'Famous People' so I guess that is what the class was on.

I believe the students need to complete 200 hours for each level, so that means the students in the class have put in about 800 or more hours of ALG World Thai and understand 60% or more. The students are also allowed to speak Thai and you can hear some of them answering the teacher. Also, I think in the advanced levels there is only one teacher instead of two, which is what I see in this one.

If you don't understand Thai, the third video is the most interesting one.

Here are the links if you need them:
ALG World's channel

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  1. Actually, at least through Part 3, the class had nothing whatsoever to do with famous people. It covered eating, spicyness, and the types of food from the four regions of Thailand, the good qualities to look for in a mate, and appearance in general.

    Having studied, using this method, at AUA briefly, I found the classes too slow, and utterly boring. The teachers were great, but 200 hours per level is just too much repetition of subject matter to bear.

    While I do believe that ALG can lead to excellent language fluency, I also believe that immersion can have the same level of success, albeit more slowly. David Long, in a series of videos, also on YouTube, explains the rationale behind the method, and predicts dire outcomes for other methods. I would argue that results correlate more closely with the individual's style of learning, and the effort applied. Boredom can easily reduce the motivation necessary to take full advantage of this method.


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