Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Searching for Hmong

I have begun my search on the web for Hmong language learning materials. They are scarce. There are Hmong online radio sites but that won't help a beginner. There is a decent website for a beginner with Hmong lessons but unfortunately, no audio for those lessons. Since I have no Hmong speakers around me I need audio!

So far I downloaded a dictionary for White Hmong and one for Green Hmong (Mong Njua). I also have an excellent lesson book for White Hmong and a White Hmong Dialogues lesson book. Now all I need is a native Hmong speaker to record the Hmong in the lessons for me. Then I would be able to get started.


  1. Keith:

    Hereafter please help us promote Universal Hmong rather then further the divide of Hmong and Mong; in universal Hmong we're considered one and we should promote as such; to be considered Universal Hmong we strive to be proficient in both dialects.

    Per your request:


    There's a Japaness ladies in Japan that speak proficient Hmong; lost her contact; she used to work in the Ban Vinai Refugee Camp...


  2. Thank you for your comments and links. Universal Hmong sounds like a good concept. Do you mix the two dialects when speaking or how would that sound?

  3. Universal Hmong involve the teaching and learning to be proficient in both dialect and all geographical tones in term of writing and reading; speaking them will be up to the speaker.

    FYI, the best place to learn Hmong language is at Brigham Young University in Utah where hopeful Mormon mission workers learn Hmong.

  4. I too am interested in learning hmong, but I think going to utah is out of the question.

  5. In that case I am in the process of doing such recording...please be patience and will keep you posted.

    Thanks for being interested...


  6. Universal "Hmong" gives favoritism to White Hmong because of the spelling of HMONG with the "H" wouldn't you say?

    Should it be Universal (H)mong? to show equality to both dialects?

  7. Hello,
    It's been a few years since this post was written, but it's still difficult to find Green Hmong learning resources on the Internet. I was curious if you've found any that would be helpful for an absolute beginner?

    Thank you very much.


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