Friday, March 14, 2008

Can you recommend me a Kanji book?

Is there a book that teaches Kanji? I mean, really teaches it. Some provide background information and educate you on Kanji, but all books that I have found so far, provide you with no effective way to learn Kanji. What you generally find in the books on Kanji is just information. You can look up a character and get the information you need but as for learning the Japanese written characters, all books rely on the user to memorize. Even Heisig's famous method requires you to memorize your own made-up stories. So that series is no different.



  1. My teacher swears by playing Japanese RPGs. Although the SNES and GBA have a bad enough screen size that it can be extremely frustrating at times when you're trying to distinguish radicals.

  2. I myself don't really care about why the characters are what they are, I just memorized the joyo list using a method ( adapted from Heisig's book which uses a visual images and not stories. You can try it if you want.

    If you want something that will really explore the Chinese characters and give you solid explanations for them, check out "Cracking Chiense PUzzles" by TK Ann. Info here:

    Interesting ideas, I hope your TV method works out.


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