Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not fair

I slept about 6 hours last night. So naturally I was a bit tired today. This evening I listened to my Chinese lessons for an hour. I became pretty sleepy. So I go to bed on time, but then I'm not sleepy anymore. I lied in bed for 45 minutes and decided to get back up.

I just hate that. No energy, tired, go to bed and no sleep. No longer sleepy. Just waste time lying in bed. So tonight I won't get enough sleep again. If only I didn't have to work. Then I could stay up until I'm good and tired and then sleep a good sleep.

Maybe I should count sleeps. 1 sleep. 2 sleep. 3 sleep. Oh, wait. That's supposed to be sheep. 1 sheep. 2 sheep. Red sheep. Black sheep. Blue sheep. Bo Peep. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Does anybody read my blog anyway?


I didn't think so.

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