Friday, July 20, 2007

Bone Conduction Headphone Vonia EZ-4200P

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Have you heard about the new headphones that you listen to through your skull? It's called Bone Conduction Headphone.

I am really interested in trying this out. If it does not make your ears tired, it would probably be good for language learning. I would put one lesson on repeat and listen to it for 10 hours a day. It would be passive listening but it should sink in pretty well.

I like to try before I buy, so I might have to go to Akihabara this weekend to try it out. Although, I'm afraid I might like it and then I'd have to part with my money!

Update (7/21/07): I went to Akihabara to see these headphones.
To sum up my feelings in two words: False-Advertising!
The headphones do produce sound. You can hear it with the headphones not touching your bone. Just hold them away from your head and you can hear it.
Also, I couldn't hear very well at all with it not on my ears. Probably the same as regular headphones. Certainly not very good at all. I was very disappointed. It just seems like a gimmick and completely false claims. I didn't buy the headphones, of course.

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