Thursday, November 03, 2011

who's LingQing?

Hello readers of my blog! Long time, no post!

The purpose of today's post is to give away some LingQ points. Are any of you who are reading this post, active members of the aforementioned language learning community? If so, you are probably aware that we can give points to other members now.  Since I am receiving points for my submitted content that is used by other members and I am not so active, I have a lot of points to give away. Why would I give away points instead of keeping them? Because points will expire if they are not used within 90 days. Expired points get redistributed to people like me.

What do people do with points at LingQ? Well, first of all, you can use points to pay for having your writing corrected. A member of LingQ can submit writing to be corrected, which is paid for by points. The length of the writing will determine exactly how many points are needed. Second, points are needed to sign up for conversations with tutors. The conversations take place through Skype. A one-on-one conversation for 15 minutes requires 500 points to be paid up front. And finally, points can be used to purchase some content in the library, although most content is free and some languages don't have any content available for purchase. But it is an option now. Recently, there are even Linguaphone lessons available in the LingQ library.

So, if any of you are members of LingQ and feel like you could use some points, please leave a comment and let me know what your username is at LingQ. Also let me know how you plan to use the points. If you are wanting to sign up for a conversation, I'll need to give you 500 points. But if you are wanting to submit writing, maybe you don't need as many points. So try to figure out how many points you need and put that in the comment as well.

If there are more than a few people asking for points, then of course I won't be able to fulfill all the requests, so please try to understand.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi, I would really like to use 500 or 1000 points for one or two Skype conversations with one of the russian lingQ members who submit language learning material. I have not been very active since I'm using another program this is "LWT" for my language learning but the interactive approach of LingQ is really interesting. Thank you ver much my username is "MHubrich"

  2. Hello rumarco! I have given you 500 LingQ points for now. I'll keep you in mind. If nobody else comments here soon, I'll give you more points this week.

  3. Hello Keith. This is very generous of you! I'd like points for a conversation, if you don't mind. Thanks so much. My user name is aybee77.

  4. Hello aybee77! I have given you 700 points so you can also submit writing as well, if you wish.

  5. Thanks Lord you are back! I really missed your blog posts. Please keep on with sharing your experience in learning japanese and chinese!!!
    Thanks a lot. Your pieces of advice were valuable for me!

  6. Thanks BookWorm. I did not know anybody felt so strongly about my blog. I wonder if anybody else feels the same way.

    By the way, your comment was automatically marked as spam. I came to the blog post to reply and couldn't find your comment. So if you were wondering why it didn't appear for 26 hours, it wasn't me.

  7. Hey, nice blog, im also a language blogger, I'm curious, when did you start this blog?

  8. I started blogging in 8/2006 and moved my blog to in 1/2008.


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