Thursday, June 09, 2011

the US president speaks Chinese

Did you know? The president of the United States speaks Chinese? And so do his secret service agents. I don't know if it is a secret or not, but you can watch it on YouTube. I've embedded the video in this post below so you can watch it if you're interested in seeing the president speak Chinese. The scene is set in the Oval Office and there is only one bodyguard and the president. It's less than a minute long. If I add more people, they'll all be speaking Chinese! I had fun creating this video and doing the voices. When you record your voice, you can tweak the pitch so you can easily sound different for different characters.


  1. Your blog is really admirable. Thanks for the numerous language learning tips. They are really helpful both for Chinese and Japanese. The most remarkable about your blog is that it is 200% personal experience, which is quite rare in world blogosphere. Hope to read from you more often!

  2. Nice one, I will have to take a look at that animation service.

    I agree there is something different about recording parts, I found that out when I did that fake film ad. I think it is quite a useful learning technique.


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