Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sri Lanka Festival 2010

The Sri Lanka Festival 2010 was held this weekend, Sept 11th and 12th. I went on the 11th and here are a few pictures from the event which is held at Yoyogi.

The Sri Lanka Festival 2010 banner above the stage.

More pictures.
The entrance to the Sri Lanka Festival 2010

Booths at the Sri Lanka Festival 2010.

The booth below has a sign which I didn't notice when I was taking the picture. The sign says everything is free! I also didn't notice the basket full of 1,000 yen bills on the table. If I would have noticed that, I could have gotten some free money.

Here's a food stand at the Sri Lanka 2010 festival.
Restaurant Randiwa
And finally, here is a picture of me drinking from a King Coconut imported from Sri Lanka.
King Coconut at the Sri Lanka Festival 2010

I might put up a video on YouTube. I took a few minutes of stage performances. There was a demonstration of the art of the samurai sword. 

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