Friday, October 23, 2009

Koreans learning Japanese

I had a video conversation with Hyunwoo Sun. I asked him about this podcast series on Language Cast that is for Koreans who are learning Japanese. It was very interesting.

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  1. I like your videos Keith, I think I may try to experiment with audio on my blog at some point.

    This one is particularly interesting maybe the story behind the podcasts is not so far far-fetched, I was thinking a while ago that if technology develops far enough a kind of virtual version of the Japanese guy that helps this girl learn Japanese could be available to language learners.

    I am itching to start learning another language besides Chinese but haven't fully committed yet, occasionally I watch Japanese material though and a little is sinking in (TV method style) for example remember the conversation we had ages ago about watashi mo (sorry I don't know the correct romanisation but I expect you can guess what I mean). I saw a kid in a video using this for "me too, me too" since then I have seen many other exmaples that extend my knowledge. Angry women in film explaining that our husbands too have been lost watashtaji mo. stressed guy in gangster movie agreeing with his boss that he too was upset that his loyalty had to be tested. And number of anata mo plus possibly one anatataji mo.

    Alongside this I have picked up a bunch of other Japanese stuff (not enough to be useful, but a start) without really meaning too.

    I guess there are certain mechanisms and strategies for language learning, that once adopted can be universally applied (and hard to switch off, I learned something about Polish recently from a film without intending to).


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