Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more on David Long

Catherine Wentworth posts interviews with successful Thai language learners and her latest post is an interview with David Long, the director of ALG World at AUA.

If you are not aware, David Long is one of the first students to complete the AUA Thai program and reach native-level Thai. I still have yet to see a video of David speaking Thai, but since I don't know the language myself I guess I won't lose any sleep over it.

Although it would be cool if there were a video with David Long speaking Thai with Stu Jay Raj. The two of them would probably make you think that learning Thai should be easy! Of course, if you were to go through the AUA Thai program at ALG World, it would be easy.


  1. Hahaha, David Long and Stu Jay Raj? I've seen Stu Jay Raj speaking Thai in interviews before, and other languages as well in some of his other videos, and it's just amazing.

  2. Hi Keith, I'd love to see both David and Stu talking together. Maybe that is something I can put together at a later time.

    I know Stu (I took two courses with him) and he's great fun so just might go for it.

    Btw - congrats on making it to the Top 100 Language Blogs!

  3. Stu Jay Raj is on his way back to Thailand this October...

    He's giving workshop: Cracking Thai Fundamentals.

    It's great stuff, so if anyone is in BKK be sure to sign up.


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