Saturday, February 21, 2009

weekly update

This week I did not watch anything in Chinese from Monday morning after my last post to Friday. I could not get well rested and I was busy with moving files and setting up email on my new domain host.

I skipped sign language circle on Tuesday, but I did go to sign language class on Wednesday. I also met a deaf Japanese person on Tuesday night. It was the first time meeting him. He is actually learning English and has plans to go to Sweden in about 2 years. We met for almost 3 hours. He will be helping me with Japanese sign language and I will try to help him with English. I'm not sure how much help I can be. I will try to encourage him to do lots of reading. Friday night I went to a meeting of deaf people. There were also several people from the sign language circle, so I benefited from some interpretation.

Today I watched about 2 hours of The Last Emperor. I didn't really enjoy it so I didn't continue it.

The other thing I did today besides reviewing some signs, was to take some old Kanji Kentei tests. I am (still/again) studying for level 8. I took 3 tests from a test collection book which comprises of about 12 previous tests. I have more test collection books. The next KanKen test is in June so I have plenty of time to study them all.

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