Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've just finished watching my first complete Chinese TV drama for the first time. It's very interesting to wonder why someone is getting mad and what they are saying. I want to know why this or that person was stripped of their status and taken away. Not being able to understand 99 percent (or more) of the dialogue, but being able to see what is going on makes you wonder why. Why? Why? Why?

I will probably start watching it all over again tomorrow. I am tired of trying to avoid the Japanese subtitles. I hope the other dramas for sale are not permanently subtitled like this. Sometimes I accidentally look at the subtitles.

I was able to pick up the meaning of a few words. I think every time I watch I will acquire more and more words. The more I am exposed to those words, the deeper my knowledge of them becomes. As I gain more and more exposure to the language, I will be able to acquire words faster. The less I have to think about the words, the more I am able to hear. The less I think about what I am hearing, the more I understand.


  1. Keep it up! I am excited to see an adult learner actually follow through with this method.

  2. Thanks, Micah! You're right. It is difficult to find other adults doing this.

  3. I heard that this television series was immensely popular in China. Must be really fun to watch.

    By the way, it's really amazing that you can keep watching these DVDs even though you don't get most of the dialogue. If I were you, I would have given up a long time ago!

    Is that how you've mastered the Japanese language, forcing yourself to watch the television screen no matter what?

    As for myself, since I'm focusing on French learning right now, recently I've watched the entire 1st season of Desperate Housewives in French with English subtitles. I have written about my experience in my Japanese blog.

    Please check it out when you have time!

  4. I haven't mastered the Japanese language yet. Probably because I haven't been watching Japanese TV at all. When I came to Japan, I only knew of traditional methods. Because I couldn't understand the TV, it wasn't interesting and I wanted to do some productive studying with my time. It turns out, my studying was not so productive after all. I will return my focus to the Japanese language in 2011 and I will watch lots and lots of Japanese TV.

    This Chinese TV drama won an award or multiple awards in 1999. It also appears to be the second set in the series.
    It's good for language learning because there are not many fights or battles. But there are a lot of monologues where nothing is actually happening besides someone lecturing everybody.

    I know most people would give up right away. But it is still interesting to watch. Maybe I will fall asleep during the second time around. But I do like the sound of the Chinese language. And I like watching people pointing at others while saying something in an angry voice. There are a lot of things to notice while watching the video. Clothing and hats are one thing. The interior decoration is another. But sometimes I just try to focus on hearing the stream of words.

    I will try to read your blog and then I may give you advice which are free to ignore. I think in language learning, you can only do what you believe in. You will not be able to keep up doing something that you do not believe in. The first step to success is to believe.

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