Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Should I change the title of my blog?

Now that I've moved my blog to this new site, I'm thinking about changing the title. Right now it is called "Keith's Voice on Language Learning." I named it that because I started out recording every one of my posts. In fact, there are 30 posts that I have recorded with my own voice. I wanted to do this as a service to learners of English. But sometimes my posts are about Japanese, and I mention Japanese words. These words would not be good for learners of English who don't know Japanese, so I don't like to record those.

Before, my posts were more about language learning in general. But now, I'd like to focus more on my Japanese and Chinese language studies. That means more examples from Japanese using Japanese words. Of course, if I have a lot of readers who are learners of English that are Japanese then it would not be confusing to them at all.

At the old blog site, I didn't get many comments. One major reason being that a reader would have to be registered at that site. Maybe I will get more comments on my posts now, and if people request, I will start recording my posts again. But for now I think I won't record the posts.

So should I change the title of my blog? I'm just thinking about dropping the word "voice" from the title. Then it would become, "Keith on Language Learning." What do you think? Or do you have any suggestions for a new title?

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  1. i am not sure. maybe people will make a search using the word VOICE and will be directed to your website so it could be extra traffic. on the other hand maybe is a little too long. so your new version could be easier. i know that you want to include the necessary information so it is a tough call.


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