Monday, September 24, 2007

How to prepare for the Kanji test

I would like to get prepared for the Kanji test (日本漢字能力検定). I was thinking the registration deadline was Oct. 1st, but just now I checked again and it is actually September 26th. Well, I won't register for it this time then. After the second time I failed the 8th level, I decided not to register for it again until I was prepared. And so I thought I would have this whole week to see if I can get prepared but now I realize the application cut-off is much sooner.

So now I need to get prepared by December 26th so that I can take the test next year on February 3rd.

The hardest thing about the test is not the Kanji, but the vocabulary. If you don't know the vocabulary, you cannot write the Kanji. So you need to be able to write any word that they throw at you.

I need to feel like my study method is effective or else I just can't study. So I'm trying to think of an effective method before I start studying. I have a book I bought from a used book store, that has the 3 tests given about 5 years ago. But I would like to use that after I have studied so I can check my preparedness.

But what can I do to prepare?

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