Sunday, December 10, 2006

Goal setting

A goal, in my definition, is a specified objective which you will achieve. That's right. You will achieve your goal. There is no doubt about it. No question. If any doubt exists, then you will not reach your objective and therefor it is not a goal.

Is there anyone who disagrees with my definition?

I have decided that once a goal has been set, you must not give up. Obviously, if you quit, you will not reach your objective and therefor it was never a goal. But the important point here is not to give up. You must not suddenly decide that your goal is not worth it. When you realize just how hard what you are doing is, you must never let yourself come to the conclusion that the goal is not worth all the hard work and trouble that you are going through. Before you set your goal, you should determine the value of reaching the objective. If it is not valuable, then why would you set it as a goal?

After you set your goal, you are not allowed to re-evaluate its worthiness. The reason for this is to ensure success. Without this strict "No quitting" rule, you would surely never achieve anything. After you have reached your goal, you may take some time to decide whether it was worth it or not.

The next big question is, how do you set goals? Does anybody have any ideas or experience? I would love to hear your advice.


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